Intangles launches AI-powered DPF monitoring system

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Updated Mar 8, 2024
Alan McMillan
Intangles President Alan McMillan

AI-powered, physics-based predictive maintenance platform Intangles, Sunday at the American Trucking Associations Technology Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in New Orleans, added a new feature to its product suite that informs fleets on the quality diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration.

The Intangles DPF solution is an advanced prognostic, which is now available on Intangles’ predictive maintenance platform – built on 60 terabytes of data, said President Alan McMillan – and is part of a larger suite of vehicle health tools designed to detect issues with vehicles well before a diagnostic trouble code is triggered. 

Intangles’ DPF solution monitors and measures in realtime the percentage of soot in a vehicle’s DPF; informs the user of the quality of each DPF regeneration; provides insights on the impact of inefficient regeneration; guides users on how to optimize forced DPF regeneration; and optimizes fuel efficiency, engine performance, and extends the life of a vehicle. The Intangles solution not only monitors the performance of the DPF system in real time, but also predicts future performance of the system based on environmental and vehicle specific conditions, and the insights help accurately forecast excess costs due to DPF inefficiency.

Director of Product Management Craig Vanderheide said the new feature is designed to take the guesswork out of forced DPF regens and keep soot levels at an optimal level. "When you look at the DPF, there's really only one metric you can look at," he said, "and that is the percentage of clogging."

The DPF solution is built using Intangles’ proprietary hardware, adaptive algorithms and scalable cloud infrastructure. Intangles leverages Digital Twin technology to create a virtual replica of a vehicle’s DPF in the cloud. Once a replica is created, Intangles can test how the virtual DPF will perform under varying conditions such as extreme cold weather, periods of prolonged idling, or stop/start driving situations, which can be particularly hard on DPF clogging. 

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McMillan said the Intangles platform currently covers 2,000-plus engine configurations. adding the hardware can be installed alongside any existing telematics device to simplify things for end users. 

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