Charging holster for flashlight

Updated Jan 21, 2010

Gamber-Johnson flashlight chargerGamber-Johnson has partnered with Energizer Battery to make an eCoupled charging holster compatible with the Energizer Hard Case Professional eCoupled Swivel Light. eCoupled is intelligent wireless power technology, based on adaptive inductive coupling, that allows for safe and efficient power transfer without wires. eCoupled technology uses coils to transmit energy; when the eCoupled coil of a product comes into proximity with an eCoupled coil in the charging zone, the technology intelligently recognizes the product, interprets its power needs and immediately begins to transfer energy.

The charging flashlight holster is molded out of rugged polycarbonate ABS, which allows the holster to be water-resistant and to withstand the most rugged environments, according to Gamber-Johnson; the molded holster and spring brackets firmly hold the flashlight in place regardless if it is mounted vertically or horizontally. The light utilizes a NiMH battery pack that can be charged up to 500 times and is designed to work exclusively with the Gamber-Johnson eCoupled charging holster. The flashlight also was built to be used in rugged environments – it is water-resistant and can withstand a 15-foot drop.

The flashlight – which includes an integrated belt clip for a hands-free option – has three different LED colors: white LED light for intense illumination with high and low white spots, red LED for night vision, and green LED for pipe inspection. The head of the flashlight rotates 125 degrees to facilitate flexible lighting angles.