Hannay’s spring rewind reel

Updated Apr 10, 2014

Hannay SCR700 industrial-duty spring rewind reelHannay’s SCR700 industrial-duty spring rewind reel is suited for live electric cable for devices such as power tools, lights and machinery and can be mounted on trucks and trailers with an adjustable four-way roller assembly for attachment in a variety of locations. A heavy-duty spring motor is designed to provide self-contained rewind power, while a nonsparking ratchet assembly is built to lock the reel.

The SCR700 houses a 45-amp 3-conductor 600-volt collector assembly with No. 8 gauge wiring from the collector ring to the junction box. The series accommodates 50 to 120 feet of 14/3- to 8/3-inch live electrical cable and is equipped with a four-way roller assembly. A cable stop also is available to help prevent roller and connector damage while permitting the adjustment of free cable length.

Hannay Reels, www.hannay.com