XL Specialized’s trailer line

Updated Apr 29, 2015

XL Specialized Trailers 110XL Specialized’s 60 Hydraulic Detachable Mini-Deck Trailer uses a three-beam design and has a loaded deck height of 12 inches with 4 inches of ground clearance and an empty weight designed to allow scaling to maximum payload. The XL 80 FDE extendable trailer features the company’s Extend-A-Trac technology to extend and retract the deck without hooking and unhooking air and electrical lines. The XL 110 Low-Profile HDG for hauling construction equipment features an 18-inch loaded deck height and a 6-inch ground clearance, allowing operators to meet bridge clearance laws without needing a drop-side or beam deck. The XL 140 HDE for diverse loads is a 13-axle trailer rated at 140,000 pounds capacity to handle large machinery or commercial freight.

XL Specialized Trailers, www.xlspecializedtrailer.com