Phillips 66 Lubricants’ synthetic manual transmission lubes

Updated Jan 13, 2016

Phillips 66 LubricantsPhillips 66 has added two heavy-duty synthetic manual transmission lubricants to its commercial lineup: Triton Synthetic MTF and Kendall SHP Synthetic MTF. The fuel-efficient fluids offer a lower viscosity profile and are approved under the Eaton PS-386 specification for extended drains – up to 500,000 miles in line-haul service.

Both are formulated for added shear stability and anti-wear properties to help protect synchronizers, reduce component wear and gear micro-pitting and promote longer life for today’s higher-torque manual transmissions coupled with increased horsepower engines. They also offer enhanced low-temperature properties, oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures.

Phillips 66 Lubricants,