Gabriel’s shock absorbers

Gabrlel FleetLine ShocksGabriel’s FleetLine shocks feature a valving rate designed to compensate for initial truck suspension softening, a pressurized piston ring built to compensate for wear, solid-steel eye rings and end mounts, a corrosion-resistant finished chromed piston rod and a caged piston design to help enhance damping abilities. The company’s GasSLX adjustable gas shocks are engineered for customizable comfort and control by creating a physical barrier between gas and the high-temperature fluid to allow it to adapt to diverse road conditions and payloads without fade or reduced damping. GasSLX shocks feature a multi-lip piston rod seal to facilitate enhanced fluid retention and high-temperature performance, a pressurized metal piston ring, 10-stage valving and a finished chromed piston rod.

Gabriel/Ride Control,