Penray’s cooling system treatment additive

Penray Pencool 4000 cooling system treatment additivePenray’s Pencool 4000 cooling system treatment additive is formulated for nitrite-free extended-life coolants used in over-the-road trucks and local delivery vehicles and is designed to be compatible with all ELCs, including families of Organic Acid Technology and Nitrited Organic Acid Technology coolants. The blend has corrosion inhibitors to help enhance and maintain the coolant’s effectiveness and service life and extend radiator life. The formulation also helps protect all metals wetted by coolant such as steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum, as well as seals and elastomers in cooling system hoses. Pencool 4000 also contains additives formulated to protect against wet sleeve liner pitting and cavitation erosion.

The Penray Cos.,