Leece-Neville’s starter motor for Paccar engines

Updated Oct 4, 2016

prestolite-electric-leece-neville-paccar-engine-gear-reduction-starterLeece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems’ M110608 starter motor for Paccar’s MX-11 and MX-13 engines is designed for improved performance and reliability. The bolt-in replacement is engineered to fit in tighter spaces, and its in-line gear reduction design helps provide more power. The starter motor features Prestolite Electric’s Integral Magnetic Switch/Soft Start Relay technology that helps eliminate voltage drop issues by minimizing wiring between the relay and the solenoid. The unit also features a next-generation commutator with an oversize copper cross-section, an enlarged armature to help minimize air gap losses, a heavy-duty brush plate to facilitate improved conductivity and an e-coating for added corrosion resistance.

Prestolite Electric, www.prestolite.com