Over The Road’s logistics bracket

Updated Oct 12, 2016

exact-a-track-logistics-bracketThe Exact-A-Track logistics bracket is designed to be mounted to existing vertical or horizontal e-track sections of a logistics trailer or straight truck box to secure freight from moving forward or backward and also deck freight at virtually any position. The bracket is engineered to be mounted horizontally among two existing vertical posts on both sides of the trailer as high or low as needed to secure the freight; a logistics load bar then can be locked into the brackets to secure the freight, leading to virtually zero movement of the freight and helping to reduce both insurance freight claims and collisions due to unstable freight. The brackets, when paired with logistics tracking and bars, are designed to accommodate 52 pallets with dimensions of 48-by-48-by-48 inches, while a 24-foot straight truck box can accommodate 24 pallets.

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