Advanced Cable Ties’ screw mounts

Heavy Duty Screw Mounts (PRNewsfoto/Advanced Cable Ties)Heavy Duty Screw Mounts (PRNewsfoto/Advanced Cable Ties)

Advanced Cable Ties’ Heavy Duty Screw Mounts are engineered to eliminate the need to inventory fixed-bundle clamps of all diameters and sizes. When using the screw mount, insert the cable tie, and tighten to the exact diameter required for each bundle. The design enables quick access to add or remove items and facilitates customization for future changes by cutting and removing the cable tie, making the necessary change to the bundle and securing with another tie while leaving the screw mount in place. The screw mount is available in heat-stabilized black or impact-resistant heat-stabilized UV-black material to help withstand impacts, vibration, extreme temperatures and weathering.

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