Maxxima’s combo DRL/low-beam headlight

Maxxima Vionic LED HeadlightMaxxima’s Vionic 4X6 Combo DRL/Low-Beam LED headlight is a combination daytime running light and low-beam headlight. The 12/24 VDC lamp is designed to be a direct replacement for halogen lamps on vehicles equipped with OEM daytime running lights. Built-in sensors are engineered to recognize the vehicle’s modulated voltage system, allowing the FMVSS-108- and CMVSS-108-compliant lamp to perform as a DRL with no interfacing problems. The 6.6-by-4.2-by-3.7-inch lamp uses five LEDs with separate dedicated diodes for daytime running light and low-beam functions. It incorporates a wider beam for increased road coverage and added near-field illumination, and the lightweight low-profile design and polycarbonate lens with the company’s Maxx-Shield coating are designed for added durability.