Toyo’s on-/off-road drive tire

Toyo TireToyo’s M588 heavy-duty on-/off-road drive tire is built for severe-service applications such as oil, gas, mining and logging. A 33/32-inch tread depth and a cut- and chip-resistant compound both contribute to durability in harsh elements such as scoria and caliche roads, snow and mud. Aggressive side protectors are molded into the sidewall to help protect the tire from cut damage by rocks and snow chains. The tread blocks’ high-void design and siping help provide added mud and snow traction, and between the blocks and inside the grooves are stone ejectors, mud breakers and angled inline lateral grooves that help evacuate packed mud and prevent snow chains from dropping into the grooves. The company’s e-balance technology facilities longevity, tread profile retention and fuel efficiency, while the tire’s durable casing design helps improve retreadability. Two 16-ply sizes are available: 11R22.5 and 11R24.5.

Toyo Tire,