Optronics’ directional LED scene light

Updated Apr 16, 2018

Optronics Scene LightOptronics’ directional UCL41 Series Scene Light is designed to cast a more focused beam of LED light. It uses 12 diodes and advanced optical engineering to focus its optimal beam pattern at a 45-degree angle to its mounting position, enabling end users to determine the size and shape of the scene they prefer to illuminate; mounting the lamp higher creates a larger scene, while mounting it lower creates a smaller scene.

The sonically-welded lamp is designed for easy installation with two mounting fasteners and a black- or chrome-coated plastic bezel that snaps into position. It accommodates both 12- and 24-volt electrical systems with a 6-inch hard-wired lead and ground wires and requires a three-quarter-inch hole for the wire feed. The low-profile surface-mount lamp measures 8.7 inches wide, 2.95 inches high and 1.59 inches thick and is made of tough polycarbonate material. It has an aluminum base and employs a solid-state surface-mount device design that helps protect its electronics against moisture, shock and vibration.

Optronics International, www.optronicsinc.com