National Fleet Products’ vehicle door lock

National Fleet Products' Door Lock for VehiclesNational Fleet Products’ UFO Plus Lock for rear and side vehicle doors is engineered to lock automatically when the door is closed, improving security compliance and operator convenience for last-mile delivery fleets. The lock’s stainless-steel body is drill-resistant, and its flush-mounted dome-shaped design makes it difficult for tools to get a grip; it remains in a fixed position and does not rotate, slide or detach. A single reversible key unlocks the door and can stay with the operator; once cargo is unloaded, the door automatically locks when closed without using the key, helping improve speed, efficiency and security. An interior unlocking cable allows workers to enter to perform prep work in a closed and secure cargo area before exiting. The lock’s low-profile design integrates seamlessly with any vehicle make and model, and its bayonet-mounting system is engineered to help make installation quick and easy. Each lock comes with two 15-pin multicombination reversible dimple keys, certified locksmith duplication certificates, an assembly kit, a video and an adhesive decal that helps simplify precise placement and alignment.

National Fleet Products,