Alliance Scale’s portable wireless scale

Portable Wireless Scale from Alliance ScaleAlliance Scale’s Load Ranger Wireless Wheel Pad Scale is engineered to allow users to monitor load safety and weight compliance from virtually any location. The portable scale features a remote indicator in a carrying case that receives Bluetooth signals from up to six weigh pads and can accommodate up to 14 pads (seven sets) joined via cable with wireless communication to the indicator. The wheel weigh pads have an indicator with a backlit display along with wheels and handles for ease of use in restricted areas. The scale incorporates wheel weighing software designed to allow for static axle weighing and a multifunction mode for up to 14 pads to calculate the X-Y coordinates, the center of gravity and semi-automatic tare. An LCD touchscreen and integrated printer can display and print the last 3,500 vehicles. Each aluminum pad weighs 50 pounds.

Alliance Scale Inc.,