New Pig’s Oily Water Cleanup Towels

Updated Dec 13, 2018

New Pig Oily Water Cleanup Towels In Vac Pack 2018 12 12 13 42New Pig’s Oily Water Cleanup Towels in Vac-Pack absorbent towels are made to allow water to pass through during outdoor cleanups and oily tool wipedowns, capturing oils, fuels and hydrocarbons. Packaged in convenient and space-saving vacuum pacs, the towels are suited for use in outdoor, wet and rainy conditions to clean up and wipe down oily tools where oil has collected in cracks and crevices. The towels are designed to float to remove oil on water, with their white color showing the absorbed oil to indicate the saturation level. They are constructed from lightweight material that conforms to irregular surfaces and are durable enough to scrub concrete, rocks and asphalt. They also can be wrung out after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending or incineration.

New Pig Corp.,