Kinedyne’s winch bar

Updated Jan 3, 2019

Kinedyne’s Ease-Z Winch BarKinedyne’s Ease-Z Winch Bar is a proprietary Z-shaped winch bar engineered to rotate 360 degrees to providing greater leverage. The bar’s heat-treated carbon-steel and mushroom-shaped head is tapered to facilitate easy insertion and to help keep the bar seated in the winch cap while preventing it from slipping out during revolution and when the user is applying torque. A knurled non-slip handle with a flanged grip ring on the bar’s upper shaft helps prevent it from slipping out of the user’s hands, even in moist conditions. The bar is painted in high-visibility Kinedyne orange and has an angled shape that facilitates more stability and helps make it unlikely to roll away when laid on the ground or on the deck of a flatbed trailer. It is available in three models: The 80177 standard bar (34 inches), the 80178 combination bar with a handle with greater girth (34 inches) and the 80179 combination box-end model (39 inches). Both the 80178 and 80179 also are designed for releasing tension on chain binders.