Rocketail’s trailer rear fairing

Updated Jan 30, 2019

Rocketail’s Wing trailer rear fairingRocketail’s Wing trailer rear fairing is designed to reduce aerodynamic drag. The EPA SmartWay-verified device is integrated with the trailer door and extends 14 inches from the rear, which helps eliminate rear collision damage. The one-piece wing-shaped airfoil features a jet wing design and is constructed of lightweight high-impact gas-infused polymers that are cross-braced internally and has a compact footprint with no additional external or internal moving parts. It always is deployed and uses swing-hinges that lock the wings in an aerodynamic open position each time the doors are closed, and each time the doors are opened, the system shifts the wings flush with the sides of the trailer, allowing the doors to swing a full 270 degrees without being blocked. Each Wing weighs less than 25 pounds and attaches without guy-wires or struts with two industrial-grade stainless-steel hinges, and installation, requiring drill bits and tightening tools, takes two people about one hour to complete.