AMG-Security’s anti-theft alarm system

Updated Feb 21, 2019

AMG-Security Technology CarPro-Tec GPS PlusAMG-Security Technology’s CarPro-Tec GPS Plus, now available for heavy trucks, is a wireless anti-theft alarm system with a room volume sensor programmed to register any change in a tractor or trailer’s volume to detect another person, while a motion detector registers all movements in the trailer’s interior and can be set to activate only by movements triggered by people. To monitor refrigerated goods, a temperature sensor can report when the set temperature goes out of range, perhaps due to an unauthorized opening of the trailer door. Any change inside the truck or trailer will result in a loud siren alarm (with an optional shock siren up to 120 db) or an optional silent alarm, each with notification by phone call and text message to the driver and up to two other individuals. If an attempt is made to steal the trailer, the semi-trailer or the entire vehicle, a gyroscope sensor in the anti-theft alarm is made to register the truck’s change in position, since the control center not only sends the message but also the vehicle’s position on Google Maps. Geofencing notifies the user if the truck leaves or enters a self-defined area, and a speed alert also can be set. Lifetime tracking on one or multiple vehicles at the same time is available on a free online portal.

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