Rear View Safety’s blind spot sensor, fatigue detector

Updated Feb 27, 2019

Rear View Safety's RVS-335 iVue Driver Fatigue SystemRear View Safety, a provider of vehicle safety systems, debuted its RVS-335 iVue Driver Fatigue System that uses advanced algorithms to alert drivers when detecting drowsiness. Suited for trucks and semi-trailers, the RVS-335 has a large detection range of 70 to 110 centimeters, and with multiple power options, installation takes minutes, and no setup is necessary.

The company also introduced its RVS-128 Advanced Blind Spot Sensor System that features surface-mounted microwave sensors and an 82-foot detection range. The sensors are built to be durable, waterproof and noninvasive and are engineered for easy installation on the front of a vehicle.