Fontaine’s heavy-haul lowbed trailer

Updated Apr 12, 2019

Fontaine Heavy-Haul’s Magnitude 55L Lowbed TrailerFontaine Heavy-Haul’s Magnitude 55L Lowbed Trailer is built for haulers who do not need a spread-axle setup and want to maximize their payload. The trailer’s close-coupled operation allows for a design that’s 2,000 pounds lighter, so if a hauler needs only three or four axles close-coupled, the trailer is capable of an additional ton of payload and is built to handle 55 tons in 13 feet. Fabricated with 100,000-pound minimum-yield steel flanges, the trailer has a 26-foot clear deck length and a loaded deck height of 18 inches with 6 inches of ground clearance. A hydraulic removable gooseneck is engineered for quick connection and disconnection. A wide variety of accessories are available.