FleetPride offers EZ Oil Drain Valve

Updated May 21, 2019

Fleetpride EZ Oil Drain Valve with Optional Hose ConnectorsFleetPride now offers the latest EZ Oil Drain Valve with Optional Hose Connectors. The EZ Oil Drain Valve is engineered to replace an existing drain plug to facilitate faster, cleaner and easier oil changes without additional tools.

To drain engine oil, turn the lever of the nickel-plated brass ball valve, and when it’s time for an oil change, lift the lever and give it a quarter-turn to open; to close, return the lever back to its original locked position.

To drain the oil to a remote receptacle, screw in the optional hose end (sold separately), and connect a hose. For routine oil analysis, a small sample of oil can be drained from the valve without shutting off the engine.