Phillips’ asset-tracking devices

Phillips’ EZTrac and EZTrac Plus asset-tracking devices are engineered to provide instantaneous 24/7 visibility of a trailer or chassis fleet via nationwide 4G cellular LTE networks with minimal installation time.

EZTrac is a rugged real-time asset tracker and concealed theft recovery device that plugs into an ABS harness. It can be powered by either the AUX (ABS) or brake circuit and activates in two steps, and with its IP67 sealed weatherproof enclosure and the company’s embedded Sta-Dry harness, it is built to withstand heavy-duty transportation abuse.

EZTrac Plus is designed to transmit the location of a trailer or chassis with or without power due to its six-month rechargeable internal battery. It offers multiple sensor connectivity through Bluetooth or a Phillips-branded smart harness.

Phillips Connect Technologies,