Thermo King’s TRU with telematics

Updated Nov 14, 2019

Thermo King’s T-90 Series of transport refrigeration units TRUsThermo King’s T-90 Series of transport refrigeration units (TRUs) come standard with integrated TracKing telematics hardware for monitoring, controlling and analyzing shipments with the company’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) that helps improve usability, diagnostics capabilities and ease-of-use. The T-90 is engineered for reduced engine runtime with a quicker temperature pull-down to set point and a faster recovery time after door openings. The company’s SR Control System controller facilitates accurate temperature control and efficient operation, and its OptiSet Plus is designed to optimize and lock-in operating parameters to maximize fuel efficiency and cargo temperature control. Reciprocating compressors, improved coil designs and optimized engine management help increase cooling capacity. Thermo King’s T-90 MAX models feature larger coils and heat exchangers, optimized compressor and engine speeds and a sound-reduction kit. The optional SmartPower Electric Standby system runs the refrigeration unit on electric power to lower fuel usage, reduce engine wear and decrease emissions.

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