Double Coin/CMA tires available in new sizes

Updated Dec 18, 2019

Double Coin and CMA announced the addition of new sizes in their FT115 and RDS3 product lines that now are available for purchase.

FT115FT115The FT115 is a fuel-efficient tire that is part of Double Coin’s Opti-Green Series and is now available in a new 295/75R22.5 size. “With its shallow tread design, the added size in our FT115’s daily haul ability will have better wear for a trailer application,” said Tim Phillips, vice president of marketing and operations. The FT115 has a load index of 144/141, 14 PR (Load Range G).

Double Coin Rsd3 2019 12 17 12 21The RSD3 is a premium tire designed for all-season and severe winter conditions. “It’s built to handle all types of road conditions but performs exceptionally during winter conditions,” Phillips said. “The RSD3’s dynamic design delivers optimal traction on harsh road surfaces.” The RSD3 in size 225/70R19.5 has a load index of 128/126N, 14PR (Load Range G) and N speed rating.

Both the FT115 and RSD3 tires are backed by Double Coin’s seven-year warranty, and their casings are warrantied for three retreads.

Double Coin,