Link’s off-highway suspension

Updated Mar 13, 2020

Link Manufacturing Tr50 Hdt Heavy Duty Off Highway Air Ride Suspension 2020 03 10 12 17Link’s TR50-HDT Heavy-Duty Off-highway Air-ride Suspension is rated up to a 50,000-lb. capacity with several axle configurations to fit mining and quarry hauling requirements. The suspension is designed to reduce trailer stress, overall weight and maintenance and to allow trailer manufacturers to attain a full 150,000-lb. capacity with a tri-axle configuration while providing added capacity and range of articulation. The TR50-HDT can be configured for Super B or two axle configurations and is built with a 92.8-in. axle track. The suspension uses 18-by-7-in. drum brakes with 25-in. wheel ends and is engineered for a 17-in. ride height and an 60-in. maximum axle spread.

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