Carrier Transicold’s multi-temp TRU

Updated May 21, 2020

Carrier Transicold Vector 8611 Mt Tru 2020 05 19 17 53Carrier Transicold’s Vector 8611MT multi-temperature trailer refrigeration unit (TRU) is designed for trailers split lengthwise with a center dividing wall, creating two refrigerated compartments without requiring a remote evaporator. The unit incorporates dual evaporators and fans into a single unit for two-zone cooling, with side-by-side compartments for perishable and frozen goods. It uses the company’s E-Drive technology in which the diesel engine runs a 21-kVA generator that powers an all-electric refrigeration system with built-in electric standby capability, so when parked for loading, unloading or staging, it can be operated via a separate power source, providing full refrigeration capacity while eliminating TRU engine noise, emissions and fuel consumption. The unit provides 55,000 BTUs of cooling per hour at a setpoint of 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and for customers needing a third refrigerated compartment, the system is preconfigured for adding a remote evaporator.

Carrier Transicold,