J.W. Speaker’s solar LED flasher lights

J w Speaker Solar Led Flasher Lights 2020 07 21 10 53J.W. Speaker’s Solar LED Flasher Lights can be used to help passersby see parked trucks more easily in a variety of environments. The high-powered lights offer optimal visibility for up to one mile in any location where power is unavailable. The rugged low-profile lights are built for adverse conditions, including storms and dust, and can recharge in as few as six hours and can run for up to 120 hours before a recharge is needed. The impact-modified acrylic housing helps withstand both UV light degradation and high-pressure washers and can be mounted securely by adhesive on any surface without drilling. The LEDs are available in amber and red and project perpendicular to the lamp for easier identification from farther distances.

J.W. Speaker, www.jwspeaker.com