Carrier Transicold’s intermodel TRU

Updated Aug 5, 2020

Carrier Transicold Vector He 19 Intermodal Container Refrigeration System 2020 08 04 15 04Carrier Transicold’s Vector HE 19 Intermodal Container Refrigeration System uses R-452A refrigerant developed for a lower environmental impact. The thin-profile unit is suited for 53-foot domestic intermodal containers to help optimize space utilization within, improving shipping efficiency. It features the company’s E-Drive technology that includes a high-output generator direct-coupled to a diesel engine to power the all-electric refrigeration system. Intelligent controls automatically activate individual components, such as the compressor and fans, running only what it needs precisely when needed, and the simplified refrigeration architecture eliminates many routine maintenance parts.

The unit also features integrated electric standby, enabling it to be plugged into a power source when parked, eliminating emissions and noise from the refrigeration unit engine and conserving fuel and reducing operating costs, and it can be coupled with the company’s eSolutions telematics system for remote monitoring of system operation and container temperatures, as well as remote software updates, data downloads and system diagnostics.

Carrier Transicold,