FMCSA reinstates Blue Star ELD to registered devices list

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Trucking news and briefs for Friday, May 24, 2024:

FMCSA reinstates recently-revoked ELD

The Blue Star ELD, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revoked from its list of registered devices on Tuesday, has been reinstated, the agency announced Thursday.

Truck driver and motor carriers utilizing the Blue Star ELD, if they had stopped using it since Tuesday, can now return to using the device.

FMCSA did not provide any information about why the device was revoked in the first place, but agency noted that if the ELD provider corrects the deficiencies with the devices, it would be reinstated to the registered devices list.

The ELD Mandate Plus device, which was also placed on the revoked devices list Tuesday, remains revoked. ELD Mandate CEO Ratan Baid told CCJ Tuesday that the company was working to “remedy any deficiency and get our software reinstated.” In the meantime, drivers using the device are required to stop using the devices and revert to paper logs or logging software to record required hours of service data.

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PGT Trucking recognizes company’s safest drivers

PGT Trucking Million Mile Driver William ReddingPGT Trucking Million Mile Driver William Redding won the grand prize, a brand new F-150.PGT Trucking

PGT Trucking (CCJ Top 250, No. 87) recognized 46 Million Mile Drivers, 104 Safe Drivers and 24 Premier Professionals at its annual awards event, held at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on May 18.

The drivers “are the prime example of excellence at PGT Trucking and throughout the transportation industry,” the company said.

"Every year, we honor the numerous Proud Professional Million Mile and Safe Drivers who play a significant role in the overall success of PGT," said Pat Gallagher, PGT Trucking Chief Executive Officer. "No matter the circumstances, these drivers remain committed to delivering each load in a safe and timely manner. It is their hard work and dedication that gives PGT the reputation we have today."

PGT's Million Mile Drivers have accomplished this status by driving one million miles or more without a safety incident. Safe Drivers have driven for the company for more than five years, but less than one million miles, without a safety incident. PGT's Premier Professionals are the safest and most reliable drivers in the company's fleet, consistently maintaining superior performance levels.

The top award winners for the evening include: Bob Cowart, Terminal Manager of the Year; Sam Thompson-Graves, recipient of the Bill Wright Award for Team Player of the Year; David Legendre and Cole Welham, PGT MVPs of the Year; Paul Vargo, recipient of the President's Award; Angelo Villavicencio, Safety Professional of the Year; Ross Tindall, recipient of the David Levin Award for Company Driver of the Year; Bogdan Yakimiv, recipient of the Harry "Buster" Barnes Award for Independent Contractor of the Year; Josh Myers, Rookie Driver of the Year; Dustin Show, Certified PRO Trainer of the Year; and Steve Corfee, recipient of the Terry "Kuz" Kusniar Award for Premier Professional Driver of the Year.

PGT also inducted three new Million Mile Drivers: Keith Ackerman, Raymundo Barboza, and Ken McKinney. Million Mile Driver William Redding won the grand prize: a brand-new Ford F-150.

"Our Million Mile and Safe Drivers show an unwavering commitment to safety, setting the standard for excellence across the PGT fleet," said Gregg Troian, PGT Trucking President. "These proud professionals stand above the rest at PGT, and I am immensely proud of their accomplishments."

Bendix expands Mexico production facility

Bendix Acuña, Mexico plantBendix has opened a new production facility at its operation in Acuña, Mexico.Bendix

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems on May 22 celebrated the grand opening of a new production facility at its operation in Acuña, Mexico.

The 185,000-square-foot plant will use highly automated manufacturing processes to produce two emerging, next-generation technologies: Global Scalable Brake Control (GSBC) and Global Scalable Air Treatment (GSAT). Production on the new lines has begun and is slated to expand on a staggered, multiyear schedule.

The facility represents the latest step in the ongoing expansion of the multisite Acuña operation. Opened in 1988, the campus engages in manufacturing, remanufacturing, and assembly across a wide range of products – antilock braking systems (ABS), air dryers, compressors, valves, actuators, and integrated vehicle modules.

“We’re proud to unveil this new plant, which is the physical manifestation of the move toward greater automation and high-tech assembly at our Acuña operation,” said Piotr Sroka, Bendix president, chief executive officer, and chief operating officer. “Reaching this milestone is the result of an ongoing, concerted effort over the last eight years to increase the sophistication of the operation across a range of products – and doing so with Bendix’s signature product performance, quality, and reliability.”

Sroka added that the increased production capabilities “improve our productivity and give us the added flexibility to respond to the growing demands of our OEM and fleet customers – including meeting and exceeding their delivery expectations.”

GSBC and GSAT are brake control and air treatment modular global systems that are designed to be adapted to customer needs in various markets, Bendix said. The high integration of base and advanced technologies enables more flexible installation options, making adaptability to different vehicle platform requirements and needs easier. In addition, GSBC and GSAT advanced capabilities and diagnostics enable the groundwork for automated driving.

New oversize/overweight routing service to help states with permitting

Software provider AASHTOWare -- a division of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) -- recently announced a new strategic alliance with ProMiles Software Development Corporation and the release of AASHTOWare PermitRoute powered by ProMiles. The goal: increase accuracy, compliance, and oversize/overweight-permit turnaround time for customers.

The product is a cloud-based automated technology offering tailored for real-time oversize/overweigh permitting and routing needs of state and local transportation agencies. The alliance between AASHTOWare and ProMiles will offer users integration into all major load rating tools, such as AASHTOWare Bridge Rating, to provide a convenient and efficient load rating process that is in accordance with Federal Highway Administration regulations, the companies said.

“AASHTOWare PermitRoute powered by ProMiles analyzes a variety of factors ranging from route restrictions and load attributes to jurisdiction preferences, equipment type and commodity in order to create real-time routing and permitting guidance for state transportation agencies,” said Ryan Fragapane, product director at AASHTOWare. “That helps ensure greater safety and efficiency for the trucking community nationwide.”