Road Ready integrates LogIQ with Air-Weigh | Azuga debuts fleet sustainability service

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Technology news and briefs for the week of Oct. 23:

Road Ready integrates LogIQ with Air-Weigh

Road Ready, a telematics and smart fleet technology provider from Clarience Technologies, has introduced Air-Weigh as its newest LogIQ integrated data platform. This partnership with Air-Weigh, an electronic on-board scales company, connects data between the trailer and tractor through the cloud which represents a new milestone for Road Ready and the LogIQ platform.  

Air-Weigh provides fleets with gross weight data in Road Ready’s FleetViz user interface.

Over the last several months Road Ready has unveiled several offerings, including a 5G Ready telematics system, a first-of-its-kind trailer telematics solution allowing fleets to operate their systems continuously without worrying about downtime caused by cellular network upgrades. In September, Road Ready introduced its LogIQ integrated data platform.

The LogIQ integrated data platform combines data from a broad network of industry partners with its own trailer telematics system, making it easier for commercial fleets to obtain insights from data generated by trailers and other fleet equipment.   

Azuga launches fleet sustainability service

Fleet telematics company Azuga has launched a fleet sustainability service via a partnership with GreenPrint.

Azuga customers can certify their fleet vehicles are carbon neutral and receive independent, third-party attestation. Customers will receive impact reports and carbon offset certificates indicating the environmental benefit from their participation.  

GreenPrint specializes in sustainability programs for carbon-intensive businesses, especially in the oil and gas, and transportation industries. GreenPrint has neutralized over 10 million metric tons of carbon from more than one million vehicles across 16 countries. 

Azuga customers can choose to add the fleet sustainability option for an additional monthly fee ranging from $5-$7 per vehicle (certain heavy duty trucks require customized pricing). GreenPrint receives data from Azuga to calculate total emissions and then invests in carbon offsets to make the vehicles certified carbon neutral. 

The Azuga service is open to any Azuga customer and fleets of all sizes. Azuga intends to initially promote the program to enterprise accounts and larger SMB customers that may have greater pressures around ESG performance from investors and corporate customers. 

Transflo updates its workflow app51607638891 42333e7e35 O

Transflo has released the latest iteration of its driver-focused workflow app, Transflo Mobile+ 5.0, simplifying the app signup experience, bolstering security to protect fleet and driver data and enhancing user experience.

Transflo Mobile+ 5.0 introduces multi-fleet profiles that make job transitions quicker and easier for drivers, and for fleets, simplifies onboarding new drivers. The 5.0 release also offers an industry first — a free version of the app, Transflo Mobile+ Lite, built specifically for owner-operators.

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With an updated menu, fleets and drivers can manage passwords, add a user profile and image and make changes to their email address and phone number.

Transflo Mobile+ 5.0 also now offers the option to enter the app via biometric reading such as face scan technology or fingerprint, providing a more secure, quicker way to access Transflo’s suite of tools. A new carousel feature within the Transflo app allows owner-operators to easily work with multiple brokers and carriers, which also allows for load visibility by the hiring entity.

Transflo Mobile+ 5.0 is available for download now. Transflo Mobile+ can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device via the App Store and Google Play market. Drivers and fleets already using the app can update from their devices’ app store.