Drivers lose 40% of their drive time. Where is it going?

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Updated Dec 10, 2021

A truck driver can spend upwards of four-and-a-half hours of their available drive time sitting and waiting at a shipper and/or receiver facility. 

That's a considerable time-suck, especially given that a recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Freight Lab study estimated that an additional 12 minutes per day on the road per truck driver could end the driver shortage and solve the capacity crisis. 

In this episode of 10-44, we look at technology designed to keep drivers on the road longer by cutting the amount of time they spend doing tasks. Hosts Jason Cannon and Matt Cole, speak with Will Chu, CEO of Vector, a logistics technology company that works to pull together all parties in a shipment’s lifecycle, to discuss how connected, innovative tech solutions can make a difference for the industry. 

While the COVID pandemic accelerated the adoption of several technologies, Chu expects them to remain critical going forward, if not even more important, once the pandemic subsides. 

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