Trucking's cybersecurity threat grows as more tech added to trucks

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Updated Jan 3, 2022

Numerous trucking companies and other businesses related to trucking have been increasingly targeted by hackers in cyberattacks over the last two years.

One of the bigger attacks in 2021 hit the Colonial Pipeline in May, prompting fuel outages in multiple states. Individual trucking companies, including Marten Transport in October, have also been targeted.

With more technology being added to trucks with every new model year, there is also a growing threat of hacks into the computer systems of the vehicles themselves.

In this week's 10-44, hosts Jason Cannon and Matt Cole look at the threats facing trucks on the road and how cybersecurity firms are trying to address them.

C2A Security CEO Michael Dick said trucking companies are a high-value target because of the value of the trucks themselves, as well as the value of the cargo being hauled.

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