Navistar partners with Nauto on AI safety tech | Drivewyze launches e-Inspection pilot

Technology Shorts

Technology news and briefs for the week of Feb. 27, 2022: 

Navistar partners with Nauto on AI safety tech

Navistar, the manufacturer of International brand commercial trucks and engines, and Nauto, a provider of AI-based vehicle safety technology for commercial fleets and the automotive sector, have partnered to bring fleet AI safety technology to the heavy-duty truck segment. 

The companies entered into a distribution agreement to make Nauto's predictive-AI vehicle safety product available for new fleet vehicle purchases or as an upgrade for existing fleet vehicles throughout International Truck's network of more than 1,000 dealers. Navistar will offer Nauto’s AI-driven camera system as part of its aftermarket parts portfolio.

The AI technology, which is trained on more than 1.3 billion AI-processed driving miles to make alerts more accurate, tracks and analyzes risk in real time and provides warnings when it detects risks.

"Nauto's partnership with Navistar is an important milestone in terms of commercial fleet industry adoption. Our in-vehicle alerts and fleet safety reporting are designed to automatically help drivers be safer without manager involvement and help prevent collisions while respecting driver privacy," said Stefan Heck, CEO, Nauto. "We enable our customers to benefit from an average 50%-80% drop in collisions and loss in just a few months and to exonerate their drivers."

Nauto will work with International Truck dealers to provide this offering tailored for heavy-duty vehicles.

As part of the partnership, the two companies will also explore deeper integration for existing and new fleets and further collaborate on the reduction of distracted driving events and collisions in the heavy-duty vehicle safety and fleet management space.

Six states participate in Drivewyze e-Inspection phase one deployment

Six states are piloting e-Inspection through Drivewyze at select weigh stations.

Kansas, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia and Utah are currently operating in a phase one deployment of Drivewyze’s e-Inspection, which expedites CSA-crediting Level III inspections. In the coming months, Drivewyze said it will deliver more information on phase two of the program, which builds toward a vision of an in-motion Level VIII inspection.

The program aims to reduce the time it takes to conduct traditional Level III inspections by using automation to eliminate manual data entry and duplication in traditional inspection processes.

"Traditionally, officers need to screen carrier and driver data against multiple back-office systems, each requiring a different login and manual data entry,” said Drivewyze President and CEO Brian Heath. "The process is time consuming for officers as they juggle access and data entry into multiple federal and state systems. Credentials are often entered multiple times into unintegrated systems, which wastes time; and officers are only human, so it’s natural that errors occur in the process."

Carrier and driver credentials and HOS data are transferred wirelessly from the Drivewyze platform, which is embedded in the vehicle’s onboard electronic logging device (ELD), automatically entering, screening, and pre-populating inspection forms. This eliminates the need for officers to collect and enter this information manually, saving time and reducing errors for both driver and officer.

Heath said e-Inspection automation recoups almost 30 minutes of drive time per inspection and can reduce the potential for violations, saving fleets money.

Any fleet subscribed to the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service can request to participate in the e-Inspection pilot project.

Drivewyze’s ELD partners are continuing with software updates so fleets can opt in to this option. Fleets that use Platform Science and Geotab platforms can use e-Inspection, and Trimble support is currently in development. 

Motorcity Systems adds new integration capabilities

Software and integration solutions provider Motorcity Systems (MCS) has added new integration capabilities and services for the IBM i and AS/400-based transportation management software (TMS) platforms. 

The new services come as part of a transaction with Group 33, an IT consulting firm that specializes in IBM i and AS/400 operating systems as well as supporting customers that use the Innovative TMS. As part of the deal, Group 33’s transportation customer services and support will come under MCS.

The new features will enable carriers using IBM i and AS/400-based TMS platforms to connect and modernize their operations with applications from MCS and third parties that meet their evolving business needs.

“Adding the new capabilities, services and expertise is part of our strategy and vision to help customers improve their operations with better data and systems integration,” said MCS President and Co-founder Bob Stemple. “We couple the system’s knowledge and integration services with our products to provide our customers with unique, flexible and scalable technology solutions.”

The transaction also included the addition of Group 33 Owner and Principal Scott Andrews as a consultant and adviser. He has over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry. Phillip Knox, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry with the Innovative TMS, IBM i and AS/400 platforms, among other fleet management technologies, also joined MCS.