New Drivewyze dashboard offers faster weigh station bypass data

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Technology news and briefs for the week of July 17, 2022: 

Tech startup rate engine now available to LoadDex customers

Logistics technology startup S2Q Systems has partnered with Logistical Labs to provide its users with pricing intelligence software.

S2Q, which provides software for freight brokers and expedite carriers, has integrated Logistical Labs’ LoadDex into its email workflow automation platform Speed to Quote. LoadDex customers can use its pricing analysis when when receiving quote requests when they partner with S2Q.

“Our dynamic pricing intelligence software simplifies freight pricing for shippers, carriers and brokers, and now Speed to Quote helps them simplify the quoting process,” said Logistical Labs’ Managing Director of products and sales Jonathan Evans. “S2Q Systems’ speed, combined with our pricing strategy, will help customers grow their business.”

Speed to Quote allows customers to analyze and respond to incoming quote requests via email in a faster time frame without sacrificing the human element to the interaction. The integration with Logistical Labs enables LoadDex customers to utilize the rate engine within Speed to Quote.

Drivewyze offers near-real-time weigh station bypass data

Fleets can now receive near-instant access to weigh station bypass data via Drivewyze’s new web dashboard PreClear Insights.

Subscribers can search and filter their fleet’s weigh station bypass data in near-real-time, providing visibility that can keep trucks moving.

Drivewyze Senior Product Manager Steve Paul said this tool is the first of its kind in the industry. The dashboard shows granular data within a day so fleet managers can see bypass information quickly or see trends over a longer period.

Data includes bypass rates, areas where bypasses are granted and where pull-ins are happening. It can also help quantify operational cost savings (time and fuel) and provide insight into CO2 reduction attained through fuel savings and reduced idle times.

The portal allows fleet managers to see if any vehicles fail to follow prompts, either by bypassing a weigh station or pulling in for a scale reading when a bypass was granted.

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“This gives the fleet manager coaching opportunities, especially with new drivers who might be using our bypass service for the first time,” Paul said. “It doesn’t happen often for fleets, but if a vehicle doesn’t pull in when instructed, it’s a big knock on the fleet’s CSA score; failure to obey is as bad as going through a red light. With PreClear Insights, a fleet can see if any vehicles are having issues.”

Drivewyze has more than 800 bypass locations across 45 states and provinces and geofences all other weigh stations that are not in its network.

TVC Pro-Driver offers 24/7 access to legal cases with new portal

TVC Pro-Driver fleet members now have access to a new online portal.

The legal protection services, safety programs and commercial benefits provider designed the tool to give fleet managers a convenient way to manage their TVC Pro-Driver memberships and legal cases.

The portal allows for easier monitoring of case statuses and outcomes with 24/7 access to view all cases impacting a fleet and helps reduce previously used manual processes like spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.

Current and new TVC fleet members can use the portal, and new features and enhancements will be deployed regularly going forward.

Cox Automotive Mobility launches service-management solution

Cox Automotive Mobility is piloting a new fleet solution that provides a fully managed maintenance program to maximize vehicle uptime and minimize total cost of ownership.

The new Service 360 allows for automatic routing of work and repair orders based on service provider availability, pricing and proximity. Cox schedules, repairs and manages all fleet maintenance needs through this platform, helping fleets to reduce manual processes that negatively affect vehicle uptime.

Service 360 can be integrated with telematics-based solutions of choice.

It also improves the process of submitting and approving estimates, as well as paying invoices, and offers real-time access to all maintenance and service records, technician certifications and DVIR inspections for every fleet unit.

Service 360 is being piloted with several fleet customers with additional expansion planned for later this year.

Cox offers a suite of digital-first fleet solutions to help owners, operators and fleets improve operations as the transportation industry moves closer to autonomous/aerial, connected, electric and shared vehicles, increasing the need for tools and service capabilities to support complex vehicle needs.

In addition to the service-management solution, that suite includes a fleet platform and vehicle connectivity solutions as well as an integrated marketplace of more than 5,000 commercial and independent repair shops and mobile maintenance service providers.

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