Alvys offers new IFTA tax calculator in its TMS

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Technology ShortsTechnology news and briefs for the week of Nov. 20, 2022: 

McLeod introduces new version of two software solutions

McLeod Software has released Version 22.2 of its LoadMaster LTL and PowerBroker software solutions with security enhancements and new functionality to enhance operations and productivity.

New capabilities for both LoadMaster and PowerBroker include a new multicompany accounting module that simplifies the process for accounts payable voucher distribution, journal entries and cash receipts for customers working within a multiple company framework; enhancements to its module that makes it easier for customers to be billed in multiple currencies; enhanced performance, reliability and scalability with additional security enhancements to handle that growth. All internal system messages for LoadMaster and PowerBroker are now encrypted, the internal web server has been upgraded so major security patches can be rolled out without the necessity for an upgrade, and all remaining elements of Log4J have been replaced with Java Logging; and the introduction of Symphony Mobile Communications Services, an open API developed to serve as a streamlined integration point for mobile communications systems, ELDs, and tractor/trailer telematics.

The first two integration solutions deployed through this open API are ISAAC Instruments’ tractor telematics, HOS and driver workflow system and TGI Connect’s trailer tracking. The newest version also includes new and enhanced integrations for the two platforms, including the addition of FreightWaves TRAC spot market rates integrated in the rate index module in both platforms.

PowerBroker also received new capabilities separate from LoadMaster, including digital freight matching API enhancements, target pay, carrier offer status, carrier settlement status, retrieving movements, available tractors and upload documents. It also received numerous integrations enhancements. Separate from PowerBroker, LoadMaster received new capabilities including support for handheld mobile devices in the LTL Cross-Dock mobile application; a new interface between the Cross-dock mobile app and FreightSnap Dimensionalizer; a new version of visual mapping that can display multiple routes and unrouted stops on a single view; and a Leave Freight option that allows users to easily pre-position an order for delivery by unloading some freight at any given location so that it can be picked up and delivered later.

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Digital financial platform focuses on heavy-duty repair, tow market

A trucking industry digital financial platform has expanded its product suite to make payments more manageable and accessible for the heavy-duty repair and tow market.

Working in tandem, RoadSync’s Digital Wallet, Instant Payouts and Card Reader make payments easier and more seamless for all parties involved in heavy-duty repair and tow transactions.

For customers and drivers who frequently make payments at RoadSync merchant facilities, the Digital Wallet allows users to securely save a credit card or ACH information to their account and access it for future payments. Stored financial information is encrypted for security and increases the speed of each payment transaction.

With RoadSync’s Card Reader and Instant Payouts, heavy-duty repair and tow shops ensure secure payments can be collected anywhere. The mobile card readers and compatible kiosks allow users to handle card-present transactions with a tap, swipe or insert of the card to protect themselves against fraud, whether on the road or in the shop, resulting in faster and more secure credit card transactions. Instant Payouts allows cash flow flexibility and immediate access to funds from same-day transactions. By connecting a debit card for direct deposit, a portion of an operation’s daily income can be instantly transferred into a connected bank account.

Surge Transportation, E2open expand partnership

Digital freight brokerage Surge Transportation has expanded its partnership with connected supply chain SaaS platform E2open Parent Holdings Inc.

Through its procurement API and Carrier Highlight capability within e2open’s Transportation Management System (TMS) application, Surge will provide rate optimization and capacity to dry and refrigerated assets for e2open shippers in the consumer-packaged goods vertical as well as their inbound shippers.

The Carrier Highlight innovation is a new core capability enabled by e2open’s multi-tenant environment that offers all shippers an instant comparison of real-time transportation rate options against both contract and spot rates currently available in their network. E2open clients will have access to Surge’s real-time rates during the tendering process with the ability to select guaranteed spot rates backed by reliable capacity with 100% tender acceptance.

E2open’s Carrier Highlight offers all TMS users access to the list of featured transportation providers, even if the carrier is not in the shipper’s network, affording those carriers exposure to more shippers. The shipper can seamlessly onboard the selected carrier to benefit from the current rate reduction and use the new carrier partner for future load savings.

Car hauling carriers have new AI inspection report option

Ship.Cars, a software provider for car hauling companies, has partnered with Monk AI to deliver AI inspection reports to drivers using the Ship.Cars Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) app.

With this integration, the ePOD app will enable drivers to extract vehicle damages visible on their photos in a list view, along with cropped photos focusing on the damages individually.

AI-powered and guided vehicle inspection helps to streamline the pick-up and delivery processes for carriers. AI inspection brings more transparency to the process and supports carriers in their day-to-day tasks by accelerating the inspection time. Inspections done with AI are also consistent and standardized throughout the proper country and operators.

The AI Inspection app allows users to reduce time spent manually entering damage information; streamline the inspection process; track inspection operations and improve inspection processes; review the findings of vehicle damages and remove or add to the list; generate optional AI damage reports quickly; complete AI inspection with cropped photos of the damage for their records; list damage type codes, vehicle part codes, location of damage, timestamp and time zone with cropped images, bringing transparency to inspection processes; eliminate misses on damage sheets, reducing risk and human error; build a condition report and compare it with previous records to detect new damages.

Onfleet partners with labor marketplace to source drivers

Last-mile delivery management software platform Onfleet has partnered with labor marketplace GigSmart to help businesses looking for delivery drivers to source, hire and manage workers while also managing their delivery operations and customer communication.

GigSmart’s COO Mitch Catino was inspired to approach Onfleet about partnership opportunities when he noticed a number of businesses using GigSmart for delivery drivers were also using Onfleet.

“Businesses were managing workers in both GigSmart and Onfleet, and the customers were figuring it out on their own, but it wasn’t a perfect experience using two different platforms to manage one person. We saw an opportunity here to form a partnership that was truly complementary for both businesses,” Catino said. “GigSmart is fantastic at sourcing, paying and managing workers, while Onfleet excels at delivery management and route optimization. Now it’s easier for GigSmart’s users to access the Onfleet platform – making this a powerful combination for both sets of our customers.”

Drivers previously had to bounce between GigSmart and Onfleet for certain shifts/tasks, with multiple logins and accounts. Now when a business finds a driver through GigSmart, the connection will add that driver to Onfleet and automatically sync shifts/tasks with the GigSmart app.

GigSmart has integrated with Onfleet through the last-mile delivery management software company’s open API, allowing its users to link with Onfleet inside the GigSmart platform.

Businesses post available shifts on GigSmart. For delivery shifts, the GigSmart app asks the business if they would like to optimize the shift with Onfleet. If so, a driver ‘team’ is created in Onfleet to make it easier for a business to schedule and manage drivers across the two platforms. Businesses can assign tasks to drivers and manage drivers more intuitively on Onfleet and GigSmart.

Alvys introduces new TMS feature

A cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) made for small to midsize trucking companies has rolled out a new feature that helps trucking companies easily calculate International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) taxes.

With this new feature, Alvys allows trucking companies to quickly determine the IFTA tax they owe each quarter.

"Most trucking companies use a third-party app to calculate IFTA tax," said Reuben Sheyko, a former dispatcher. "With Alvys, it's included with the transportation management system, and it's easier to use because all of the data you need is already there."

The new IFTA feature is available for all existing and new customers at no extra cost. Rather than spending over an hour calculating the IFTA tax for each truck, Alvys calculates the cost in a few minutes for the entire fleet, whether that's five or 500 trucks. Alvys is able to leverage existing trip data, along with ELD and fuel card integrations, to eliminate the need for manual entry.

Alvys’ TMS aims to maximize efficiency and productivity, whether it's dispatch, driver management, load movement, accounting, safety or compliance, to help reduce staff and make asset additions easier to increase profit margins. The cloud-based platform eliminates friction between sourcing, fulfilling and managing loads through integrations and cross-department communication.