Carrier Logistics integrating with LTL APIs from SMC³

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Technology briefs and updates for the week of Jan. 1, 2023

Carrier Logistics integrating with LTL APIs from SMC³

Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI), a provider of freight management software for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) fleets, says it has completed development work to fully integrate with LTL APIs from SMC³. The new integration will benefit customers using FACTS freight management software by automating the handling of LTL shipments with other capacity providers.

“The nature of LTL freight transportation involves complex supply chain logistics that our asset-based clients address every day to efficiently move goods for shippers,” said CLI President Ben Wiesen, "but those carriers sometimes need to provide services outside the geographical footprint they cover with their own trucks and drivers. When their shippers are looking for a single provider with a one-stop solution, the integration we’ve enabled in our FACTS freight management system with SMC³’s LTL APIs simplifies the selection of a capacity provider with the ability to move a shipment."

CLI customers can use the SMC³ LTL APIs solution to connect and communicate with the expansive number of LTL carriers in the SMC³ network to electronically find carriers with capacity, schedules and equipment that meet their shippers’ needs; receive quotes from multiple carriers to find the provider who offers the right mix of cost and service; dispatch orders to capacity providers; receive automated track and trace updates on in-transit shipments; and view and download digital documents including weight certification, proof of delivery, bills of lading, and other critical shipment information.

e2open and Hubtek announce partnership

Workforce and process optimization provider Hubtek is launching an integrated partnership with e2open to be the preferred technology provider for Carrier Rating Automation and Carrier SpotMarket Automation in e2open Carrier Marketplace.  

The synergy of the two platforms (e2open Carrier Marketplace's eConnect+ and Hubtek TABiConnect), offers a touchless quoting experience for both shippers and transportation providers, according to Hubtek's Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy, Scott Hadley. "Speed-to-market is accelerated and access to freight is increased significantly with this partnership, serving the needs of more discerning and technologically centric shippers." 

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e2open's Transportation Management for shippers aligns with TABi Connect to allow transportation providers a dynamic control of the quoted rates to shippers at the click of a button. Shippers can instantly extract available rates from providers before the freight ever reaches the spot market. This is more efficient than the traditional spot bidding process and can provide a shipper with instant spot coverage with just a few clicks. 

With a robust set of controls within TABiConnect, transportation providers can build quoting algorithms that uniquely match their business strategies and their customers' needs. Through e2open's platform and Carrier Marketplace, shippers can secure capacity and rates efficiently, while carriers can capture freight volume through easily automated processes.