Carrier Logistics partners with SMC³ to provide new managed EDI infrastructure

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Technology news and briefs for the week of March 12, 2023: 

CLI partnership offers new managed EDI infrastructure

Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI), a provider of freight management software for less-than-truckload (LTL) fleets, has partnered with SMC³ to provide its customers with a new managed EDI infrastructure.

SMC³’s EDI managed services provide instant connections for users of CLI’s FACTS freight management software. FACTS includes online customer shipping tools, dispatch and driver management, a superior rate engine, cross dock management and a full back-office suite. The EDI infrastructure delivers secure communication protocols; faster set-up with shippers, increasing responsiveness to market needs; and reliability with 24/7 monitoring, support and responsiveness.

“Despite what some stakeholders believe, EDI is not going away because it is still the preferred communication standard for many shippers,” said CLI President Ben Wiesen. “By partnering with SMC³, we are improving our native abilities in EDI by leveraging their expertise providing managed EDI services. Our customers can now utilize this best-in-class solution to connect with shippers and interline partners.”

EROAD collab automates freight visibility

EROAD has partnered with supply chain technology company Tranztec Solutions Inc., which provides an open platform for connectivity and visibility across the industry. The collaboration will allow EROAD to develop a comprehensive set of integrations with transportation management systems (TMS), unlocking efficiencies by automating freight visibility, communications and transportation-specific workflows.

Through this partnership, EROAD and Tranztec will offer fleet managers comprehensive visibility to optimize planning, procurement, logistics and lifecycle management, enabling timely delivery of freight and goods. With EROAD’s telematics and Tranztec’s capabilities, fleet managers can monitor freight activity in real-time and create, plan and manage the progress of an order throughout the entire supply chain.

With improved dispatching capabilities and an interactive map with load details, the new integrated TMS can capture, present and transmit critical data to customers without manual effort. The partnership will further EROAD’s existing capabilities to facilitate seamless communication with motor carriers and freight brokers, as well as collaborate with shippers to solve common challenges with cargo security, freight integrity and load detention.

NMFTA makes new cybersecurity hire

Antwan D. Banks has joined the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) as director of enterprise security.

In his position, Banks will lead the enterprise side of cybersecurity – a critical role in safeguarding the trucking industry against cyberattacks as the industry continues to digitize. He will serve as the leader of NMFTA’s extensive team that works with the industry on cybersecurity and will lead all programs, outreach efforts and cyber projects, including industrywide education initiatives, the establishment of key standards and NMFTA’s Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity held each fall.

Banks, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, most recently served as director of cybersecurity for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Prior to his tenure with the transit authority, he served as senior security engineer for Turner Broadcasting System and was also a computer security consultant for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control.

Netradyne launches updates, new solutions

Netradyne, an industry-leading SaaS provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing solutions focused on safety and driver coaching for commercial fleets, has introduced new solutions and updates to its existing product suite with its seasonal launch.

Netradyne’s new features – recommended coaching, collision management, fleet safety progress report and fleet tracking – help commercial fleets of all sizes address efficiency and visibility challenges and better adapt to the ever-changing economic and industry climates.

Recommended coaching uses historical driving behavior and AI to sift through all alerts and instantly provide lists of drivers needing coaching. Weekly update recommendations leverage data from either the last coaching session or the previous six completed weeks. Recommended coaching alerts include one to two driving trends contributing to a driver’s score reduction. If a driver receives recent coaching, they will automatically move to the bottom of the list. If a driver ignores a recommended coaching alert the week it is provided, they remain in the coaching cue, and their session is in escalation.

The new collision management feature can eliminate reporting lags with precise detection of collisions and its ability to provide real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information. It helps commercial fleets reduce litigations, claims and rising insurance costs through a set of tools that streamline the entire workflow, from capturing the event on HD video to submitting an insurance claim. With higher degrees of integration and automation, Netradyne can detect the difference between fender benders and head-on-accidents in real-time, which addresses pain points at an early stage, saving fleets time and resources across the board.

The new fleet safety progress report provides actionable insights and a concise view of the fleet’s performance that fleets can use to negotiate insurance premiums. The Driver•i platform analyzes massive amounts of data compiled from driving behaviors, fleet performances, road data and detected data events and creates easy-to-use reports showing key insights about fleets and driver risk levels.

Fleet tracking offers customers enhanced visibility and optimization across vehicles and fleets with a complete picture of the path of travel and activity. Customers can create location geofences, receive notifications when a vehicle enters and leaves a geofence and share a vehicle’s location with third parties like customers or vendors.

Noregon updates JPRO app

Noregon has launched the first major update of 2023 for its diagnostic and troubleshooting application, JPRO Professional.

One of the major additions in this update is the significant increase in coverage for off-highway construction vehicles and equipment. It gives diverse fleets the ability to repair much of their heavy-uty equipment with the same, familiar tool they use to repair their commercial trucks. Off-highway coverage is included in JPRO at no additional cost to subscribers and will continue to receive coverage updates separate from JPRO’s three major annual updates.

As part of the update, users get coverage for many popular models of equipment from major OEs such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and others.

Additionally, Noregon has increased support for the growing alternative fuel market, working with companies like ClearFlame to ensure JPRO covers engines that have been converted to run on sustainable, renewable energy sources. JPRO users will also benefit from enhanced support and bi-directional coverage for many vehicle systems, including ADAS, engine/aftertreatment, brakes and more.