Carrier Logistics' new feature uses AI to identify at-risk accounts

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Technology news and briefs for the week of May 7, 2023: 

CLI adds new feature to FACTS platform

Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI), a provider of freight management software for less-than-truckload (LTL) fleets, has added a new feature that provides automated A/R risk scores to its FACTS solution.

The enhancement uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify at-risk accounts to conserve valuable company resources and reduce bad debt.

The new feature looks at accounts receivable records much the same way that an experienced A/R manager would, focusing on such factors as account age, payment history, open balance trends and activity for each customer. The system does this automatically, and it can focus on all accounts all the time. That means even small balance accounts with a potentially elevated collections risk that might otherwise have slipped through the cracks are brought to management’s attention before they turn into a collections problem.

Users can sort by risk score to view accounts with a higher risk or by the change in risk to see which accounts require more attention. The data can be presented in various options including in Excel format and in line and bar charts to illustrate scores over time.

BrillDog releases free TMS

BrillDog, a supply chain technology built for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has released its BrillDog Transportation Management System (TMS) for free.

The TMS is part of the SaaS-based supply chain suite that BrillDog is delivering to improve the supply chain operations of SMBs. The initial free version, called FreeDog, is now available for implementation. The cloud-based platform automates and optimizes inbound and outbound freight across initially LTL modes nationwide with additional modes and features coming soon.

The BrillDog FreeDog offering includes rate quotes, creation of bill of ladings, electronic carrier dispatch, LTL nationwide shipping using BrillDog rates, spot market rates, shipment tracking, basic reports and dashboard and claims filing for loss or damage.

McLeod launches new product

McLeod Software has released Version 23.1 of its PowerBroker, LoadMaster Enterprise and LoadMaster LTL software solutions. In addition, McLeod has introduced its PowerBroker//web product.

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PowerBroker//web is the browser-based version of the company’s traditional PowerBroker solution. It contains all tools needed to create and update orders and manage movements in one user-friendly web page with intuitive workflows. Users can find coverage for a movement, send offers to carriers, post to load boards and perform the common tasks brokers need to do in their daily work all in one place.

The new guided workflow in Powerbroker//web takes users step-by-step through assigning a carrier, considering carrier qualifications, sending the rate confirmation and initiating tracking in one simple planning screen.

The streamlined dispatch workflow has been designed to increase productivity and efficiency, while also reducing the stress of communicating with carriers by allowing users to manage call-ins, arrivals and departures and service incidents in one place. Additionally, PowerBroker//web gives users access to a rate index/distance calculator tool and offers the ability to issue carrier advances or wires.

Version 23.1 also includes an enhanced mobile app for drivers and enhanced capabilities and integrations for LoadMaster and PowerBroker.

Motive joins Platform Science Marketplace

Telemetric fleet data providers Motive and Platform Science have partnered to enable mutual customers to leverage both technologies to enhance fleet safety.

With this partnership, Motive becomes an approved vendor for safety solutions on the Platform Science Marketplace, enabling participating customers to create an integrated, unified safety platform. Mutual customers will have access to safety data from their Motive AI-powered dash cams directly inside the Platform Science platform, allowing them to manage their fleet operations quickly and more efficiently. In addition, the new partnership creates faster, more complete visibility for fleets that struggle with fragmented data and disruptions when switching from one solution to another, especially during safety incidents.

Motive’s AI-powered dash cams store recordings for up to 104 hours and can recall video for any specific location or vehicle in a fleet during that time, enabling carriers to have a clearer picture of what’s happening on the road. By utilizing this data, fleets can gain visibility into their operations, prevent accidents and create safer outcomes.