Avetta offers visibility into supply chain company cyber risks

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Technology news and briefs for the week of May 21, 2023:

Avetta launches cyber risk solution

Australian supply chain risk management software provider Avetta has launched a cyber risk solution that provides a quantitative score that evaluates cyber health in ten areas and delivers an aggregate grade for each supplier.

The cyber risk solution – available worldwide, including the U.S. – is the latest component of Avetta One, a comprehensive supply chain risk monitoring platform. The new feature provides instant visibility into the cyber health of a company’s full supply chain, including continuous monitoring that alerts clients when the risk score falls outside of an acceptable range. Clients can use it as a diagnostic tool to gain insight into third-party cyber risks and inform sourcing decisions.

The solution is powered by SecurityScorecard, a security ratings, response and resilience company that provides actionable insights for more than 12 million organizations so users can know who to trust, quickly respond to cyber risks and strengthen cyber defenses.

In the U.S., almost half of small businesses have been victims of cyberattacks. Gartner predicts 45% of global organizations will be impacted by a supply chain cyberattack by 2025; a total of 108.9 million global accounts were breached in the third quarter of 2022 – a 70% increase.

Avetta’s Cyber Risk Solution can identify potential risks that could lead to an attack. For example, a supplier with an F rating is seven times more likely to be a victim of a cybersecurity breach than one with an A rating. The feature can be used for companies of all sizes and industries, but it is particularly relevant to companies with large dependencies on supply chains for operations and delivery because supply chains are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks, as suppliers, contractors and vendors tend to have less mature IT and security functions.

Samsara partnership provides real-time fuel insights

Samsara Inc. has partnered with E.J. Ward Inc.’s Simply Fuel Solutions so customers can now view real-time insights from Samasara alongside the rest of their fuel management data in E.J. Ward’s fuel interface to better monitor fuel usage, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

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With this integration, customers can connect vehicle identification and diagnostic data from Samsara Vehicle Gateways into their cloud-based, Ward Fuel View software for a more holistic, contextual view of their fuel management operation. As a result, fleet managers gain a more accurate assessment of fuel expenses and can improve efficiency at scale.

E.J. Ward Inc., an existing Samsara reseller, is the only fuel management company to offer a fully automated and completely integrated overview of the fuel storage tank, fuel dispensers, vehicle telematics and electric vehicle chargers, resulting in solutions that provide accountability and security of fuel usage and significant cost savings for both public- and private-sector fleets.

Samsara’s integrated platform leverages I0T data from vehicles, facilities and heavy equipment to provide actionable insights to run safer, more efficient and more sustainable operations. Streamlined data sharing via Samsara’s open API allows organizations to connect their most critical third-party applications and work from a single platform.

Samsara’s integration with Simply Fuel Solutions is now available to customers across North America.

DAT, SmartHop integration increases fleet revenues

Following its integration with DAT Freight & Analytics, SmartHop reports that truck fleets using its freight booking and fleet management platform are benefiting from increased revenue and average rate per mile, as well as time saved.

In one nine-month study of SmartHop customers, a cohort of 24 fleets reported a 60% increase of spot market revenue and a 5% to 15% increase in average rate per mile.

SmartHop integrated DAT's API and data into its platform in July 2021, allowing customers to streamline the load-matching process using advanced filtering for load type, profitability, regional preferences, hours of service limitations and other parameters. With more than 357,000 loads posted to the DAT network each business day, the partnership opened access to more loads and lanes for SmartHop users, helping them compete with larger carriers for spot truckload freight.

The freight booking and fleet management platform’s AI-powered dispatch solution processes thousands of DAT load records to predict which markets will be strongest in the coming days and makes recommendations accordingly, resulting in significant time savings for customers.

"Instead of the three to eight hours it used to take me to cover one truck, it's now done in less than 30 minutes," said J&M Dispatching Owner Jessica Zapata.