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Technology news and briefs for the week of June 18, 2023: 

Technology Shorts

LogiNext launches fleet tracking

Logistics automation firm LogiNext has launched its Fleet Tracking 2.0, offering real-time alerts for any anomalies or deviations and sharing visibility on transport fleet performance through multiple indicators. Through such features, LogiNext aims to minimize risks involved in the logistics industry, while helping enterprises to optimize their delivery operations. 

LogiNext Fleet Tracking is built with data mapping and data analytics services, bridging the gap between technology and trucking and making it possible to track end-to-end long haul movement via a single platform. Enterprises can now track vehicle data tracking points like GPS location, fuel consumption, updates on truck movement, temperature of holds and much more. 

“LogiNext’s Fleet Tracking functionality can help identify and address various challenges faced by the logistics industry," said Dhaval Thanki, vice president APAC & MEA at LogiNext. "We have seen interest from our existing enterprise customers on adopting this functionality for varied use cases including temperature tracking for cold chain deliveries, enhanced security management of their critical long haul deliveries, and many more. We are working towards creating impactful outcomes from this technology, as a part of our vision to make the industry safer and efficient.” 

With visibility on KPIs like tracking vehicle location, harsh braking, speed, driver seat-belt status and door open status, the software would provide alerts to notify central teams of any deviations, delays or anomalies in fleet movement. The temperature sensor data tracking would help healthcare and food cargo carriers to ensure that the high value cargo maintains its integrity during the long-haul fleet movement.

Phillips Connect smart trailer

Phillips Connect has assembled four powerful Internet of Trailers (IoT) kits, allowing fleets of all sizes to seamlessly convert to smart trailers.

Smart trailer technology enables real-time diagnostics, fault detection, and trend reporting, increasing transparency and maximizing efficiency. Phillips Connect has identified four Smart-Trailer kits designed to increase fleet efficiency, uptime, safety, and ROI even for smaller fleets that have limited resources to add telematics solutions.

Each kit has an average payback of twelve months and an average ROI of 500% after ten years, the company said. 

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• Smart upgrade kit includes TPMS and installs in 30 minutes.

• Smarter Kit features the hidden/under-trailer installed StealthNet gateway to avoid theft with TPMS, ABS Fault Code, Door and CargoVision to give fleets an extra level of monitoring capabilities and can be installed in under one hour.

• Smartest Kit with StealthNet gateway, CAN communication, TPMS, ABS Fault Code, Door, CargoVision, and ATIS Lamp.  It can also be installed in just one hour.

• Brilliant Kit features an array of sensors and data providing a complete picture of a trailer’s health.  Phillips Connect Smart7 gateway, CAN communication, TPMS, ABS Fault Code, Door, CargoVision, ATIS Lamp, AirTank, ATIS Regulator and Light Out. 

DAT debuts profit estimator

DAT Freight & Analytics has launched a Profit Estimator tool, designed with the sole objective of helping carriers on the DAT One marketplace determine how profitable a load can be based on their own operating costs and goals.

Included with the DAT One app, the Profit Estimator considers each carrier’s unique and essential operating costs such as insurance, fuel and truck payments; the carrier’s mileage and revenue targets; and the broker’s offer rate. 

Destiny Rykard Davenport, of Destiny Way Logistics, said the estimator allows her team and to book loads more efficiently and save money on fuel costs by allowing them to enter variable and fixed costs into the estimator. "This lets us know how much we need to negotiate on a load which gives a better a better profit margin and bargaining power before calling a broker,” she said. 

Carriers can run a load search in the DAT One app, tap one of the results and scroll down to the Profit Estimator section. Then enter fixed and variable costs, the number of miles planned to drive per week, the amount of revenue expected each week and equipment type. Click the “calculate” button for an approximate profit for hauling that load.

NEXIQ adds Hino support

NEXIQ Technologies has released its eTechnician 2.8, enabling the PC-based solution to provide bi-directional diagnostic support for Hino Trucks.

“Medium- and heavy-duty truck repair operations now have the ability to program injector codes for EPA 07 to 2021 engines,” said David Shock, NEXIQ Technologies product manager. “We’ve also added the ability to program maximum vehicle speed and idle shutdown setting.”

In addition to the newly introduced diagnostic capabilities for Hino Trucks engines, eTechnician 2.8 also provides proprietary transmission and brake support for Hino cab-over models.