Rand McNally's new map provides enhanced mapping

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Updated Jun 13, 2024

Technology news and briefs for the week of July 16, 2022: 

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DAT One platform enhancements reduce freight fraud

DAT Freight & Analytics has introduced new initiatives involving a combination of technology, education and enforcement to reduce the risk of fraud and double brokering in the trucking industry while delivering speed, convenience and an open marketplace via the DAT One truckload freight network.

The company’s new fraud-fighting tools include tougher login verification protocols using multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the DAT One platform. DAT uses smart technology and automation to leverage trends among bad actors to better identify potential fraud and works with the FMCSA, FBI and other law enforcement agencies to identify freight-related fraud.

DAT has also launched the DAT Fraud Protection Program, a microsite with free security-related information, to educate the industry about those trends.

“As the use of load boards has grown, so has the aggressiveness and sophistication of scammers,” said DAT Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hopper. “These new tools will help users validate the brokers and carriers they want to work with, protect their login credentials and build relationships based on trust.”

Only licensed and bonded freight brokers – no carriers or dispatchers – can post loads on the DAT marketplace. DAT CarrierWatch automates the monitoring of motor carrier insurance coverage, safety records and DOT authority and alerts users to any change in status. In 2022, DAT blocked access from more than 3,000 accounts because of suspected fraud and blocked access from more than 3,000 accounts during the first half of 2023.

Rand McNally offers enhanced mapping via new app

Rand McNally has released its new MileMaker Web App to provide access to its routing and mileage software with enhanced mapping and over 33% more truck-specific data from anywhere.

The app is accessible from any browser on any desktop or mobile device and offers these features:

• Generate efficient door-to-door routing and mileage with customizable POIs, midpoints and avoidances.

• Determine the optimal route based on your vehicles and business needs, including route optimization.

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• Route by zip code, city, state, lat/long, address or SPLC and use them interchangeably.

• Provide accurate ETAs with traffic-enabled routing, up-to-date speed limits and more.

• View maps with real-time traffic, weather and satellite overlays.

MyCarrier introduces new platform enhancements

Shipping management platform MyCarrier has rolled out new platform enhancements that automates and unifies business operations from inventory and order management to the full cycle shipping process and finance.

Its two new enhancements, Freight Audit Pro and ERP integrations, bring all aspects of a business’s operations together in one system, creating a seamless connection between inventory, order management, shipping and the finance department.

With Freight Audit Pro, MyCarrier users can access all their digital invoices in one system and instantly identify cost discrepancies, removing the need for spreadsheets, paperwork and lengthy carrier communications, reducing the typical freight audit process time by 90% on average. It also provides shippers with a comprehensive view of their finances. With this increased automation and visibility, organizations can spot discrepancies, prevent unexpected charges and manage their freight spend.

Like Freight Audit Pro, MyCarrier’s ERP integrations bring visibility and ease to a typically disjointed, inefficient process. Integrating MyCarrier with order and warehouse management systems (such as QuickBooks, NetSuite and Shopify) streamlines the order-to-shipment process, provides visibility to critical data and prevents costly errors.

Truckstop acquires freight management company

Truckstop, a freight marketplace, has acquired FreightFriend, a cloud-based capacity and freight management solution.

The FreightFriend platform uses AI to enable carriers and brokers to manage their business relationships, find capacity and improve outcomes and efficiencies of freight-matching activities. Truckload goes beyond the basic load board, delivering software solutions that support the entire freight-moving lifecycle from matching to payment.

“At Truckstop, we continue to invest in our industry-leading freight marketplace and compliance management offerings. Our solutions reduce friction and increase trust in the market while driving greater efficiencies and higher profits for both brokers and carriers,” said Truckstop CEO Kendra Tucker. “With the acquisition of RMIS, and now the FreightFriend solution, we will further enable our customers to build and foster relationships that support the growth of their businesses.”

Together, Truckstop and the FreightFriend technology deliver a solution that maximizes in-network and out-of-network relationships. In one centralized experience, brokers and carriers can manage and grow their networks, promote loads and trucks, receive intelligent matches and digitally book freight.