CarriersEdge introduces dashcam integration system for personalized training

CarriersEdge launches a new dashcam integration system for personalized training.

A new dashcam integration system that allows carriers to create and assign personalized training programs for each driver has hit the market.

Online driver training provider CarriersEdge has launched its new system, which will work with camera systems from multiple providers, to enable carriers to automatically assign and track required training based on dashcam captured events and behaviors.

The system allows for cascading levels of training intervention based on the number and frequency of driver events.

"Dashcam systems have evolved into powerful driver improvement tools with a range of coachable behaviors being captured all the time," said CarriersEdge CEO Jane Jazrawy. "Integrating with those systems allows our customers to support their coaching efforts with automatic assignments and tracking of all activities. With customized rules and support for different providers, fleets can tailor a program that suits their specific needs and fits into their existing risk management programs."

Carrier administrators can customize and change rules at any time using a drop-down menu that offers the option to create as many rules as needed, specify types of driving behavior and set trigger thresholds and periods.

The can then assign training, which can be a combination of content, including classroom, online courses, surveys and even policy documents, allowing for flexible learning and progressive interventions that match behavior severity and frequency. Driver results are sent directly to administrators and managers, providing updates on training scores and completion status.        

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