A new trailer tracking solution, a tire monitoring integration and more

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CCJ’s Tech Shorts is a weekly roundup of technology in trucking. This week we’ll take a look at a new trailer tracking solution, a tire monitoring integration, new offerings from Descartes Systems Group and real-time pricing data. 

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00:00 Tech Shorts intro 

00:23 New smart trailer applications 

01:45 Tire monitoring 

02:44 Improving productivity, security and sustainability 

04:53 Real-time pricing data


00:00 In this week’s tech shorts, we’ll take a look at a new trailer tracking solution, a tire monitoring integration, new offerings from Descartes Systems Group and more.

00:23 Telematics company Pedigree Technologies has introduced new smart trailer applications to address concerns around the expense and intricacy associated with implementing traditional trailer tracking solutions.

The cost and complexity of implementing a traditional trailer tracking solution can be a barrier to adoption for some companies. Pedigree has found a solution in using Bluetooth sensors and solar-powered GPS gateways to reduce costs and simplify the installation process for smart trailer applications.

Trailers equipped with these smart solutions transmit data to the cloud, which is then relayed to Pedigree’s OneView telematics software platform. This technology enables fleet managers to track the location of their trailers, and sensors placed within and around the trailer provide a continuous stream of fleet information. Data collected about a trailer, including tire pressure, hub health, door notifications and temperature and humidity monitoring, helps fleet managers make more informed business decisions, fostering efficiency, safety, compliance and cost savings.

Pedigree Technologies CEO John Elsner said, "We are bringing a great value to our customers and the transportation industry by reducing costs and complexity, allowing more fleets to take advantage of the benefits of these technologies."

01:45 Tire monitoring systems provider Doran Manufacturing has integrated its tire pressure and temperature data with Platform Science to help fleets reduce tire-related operating expenses, increase equipment uptime and improve vehicle safety. Fleets using both Doran and Platform Science can have tire pressure and temperature information clearly displayed in cab on their Platform Science tablet via the Doran TPMS mobile app and remotely through the Doran TPMS portal.

Data captured and displayed includes real-time notifications for cautionary and critical low-pressure alerts, FastLeak rapid deflation events, and high tire temperature conditions with the option to add a high-pressure warning. These insights also provide driver managers and fleet maintenance teams with real-time visibility into problem tires through email alert notifications, daily summary reporting and current tire status by vehicle.

02:44 Descartes Systems Group, a provider of software-as-a-service solutions that focus on improving the productivity, security and sustainability of logistics-intensive businesses, has unveiled multiple new solutions, improvements and expansion to existing solutions and new integrations that aim to help companies improve the operational performance of their fleets, driver safety and customer engagement.

These new solutions and updates include:

• Descartes Fleet Control Tower, a new comprehensive performance management solution integrated with existing Descartes route planning and execution solutions.

• Descartes Customer Engagement Platform, a digital self-service solution integrated with Descartes route planning and execution solutions to allow customers on-demand access to view delivery updates, book, reschedule or cancel deliveries and to interact with delivery drivers or call centers.

• Proactive driver safety training for Descartes Mobile customers, offering seamless integration of the microlearning-based driver safety training and tracking platform with Descartes Mobile solution.

• Advanced optimization for couriers via enhanced strategic and operational modelling capabilities and optimization for high-delivery-volume carriers.

• Hours of service (HOS) status-aware optimization by integrating route planning with Geotab ELDs to automatically consider drivers’ hours.

• Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning performance improvement and simulation offer significantly more precise recommendations for stop and drive times and the ability to simulate the recommended impact on daily operations.

• Improved capabilities for companies that want to manage fleet and commercial transportation through a single transportation management platform with advanced for-hire trip and leg optimization and rating.

• Live and historical asset tracking with the ability for fleets to now track assets in their route-planning solution in addition to tracking drivers and deliveries.

• And an integration with MagicLogic load and cube optimization for more accurate load building with the combination of Descartes route planning-solution.

04:53 Cargobot, a Miami-based international digital freight company that connects shippers and carriers via its data-driven platform, has formed a partnership with Greenscreens.ai, a dynamic pricing platform curated to deliver real-time pricing data to brokers and third-party logistics services.

Greenscreens.ai's holistic pricing solution aims to complement Cargobot’s digital solutions and enhance its pricing capabilities by offering competitive rates, interpretation of data and technology in an effort to build healthier, more results-driven relationships with shippers and carriers. Another goal of the partnership is to increase visibility into freight operations for all parties involved with insights into data.

This new API integration plans to benefit Cargobot’s solutions, including Cargobot Pool, a digital consolidation solution that allows businesses to streamline operations, improve efficiencies and reduce prices. Other services such as Cargobot Direct continue to provide shippers and carriers with accurate shipping rates based on evolving market analytics and individual negotiation power.