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Crime report: CDL schemes, clean inspection bribes and drug testing fraud

A number of California DMV employees were charged for changing CDL written test scores, a Texas fleet owner was charged with bribing state troopers for clean inspections, and a Washington ...

Virginia-based fleet ordered to pay $3 million after pushing tired drivers to run illegal routes

The statement went on to say Beam Trucking drivers were told to drive “routes that were so long that they barely got any sleep between trips for weeks at a ...

Crime report: CDL drug testing schemes, CDL fraud, more

Action was taken in several cases involving fraudulent CDL drug testing, a case involving fraudulent CDL testing and more.

Cargo thefts up in third quarter

The most-stolen products during the quarter were building and industrial products, accounting for 19 percent of total thefts in the quarter with an average loss value of $66,418. Food and ...

Threat of weaponized trucks on display in Manhattan terror attack

Though Tuesday's attack was carried out via a pickup truck, weaponized tractor-trailers are of major concern. “The Internet has given them (ISIS) a global platform and a global training ground,” ...

New CargoNet tool lets carriers determine location-based cargo theft risk

CargoNet member companies can custom build routes within the portal to see the theft risk, which is based on CargoNet’s historical data set. Users can adjust the radius and date ...

Crime report: Med examiner sentenced, another pleads guilty; Canadian fleet ordered to pay $350k in back wages

An Atlanta doctor was sentenced for falsifying DOT medical exams, a South Georgia nurse pleaded guilty to falsifying medical exams, a Canadian fleet was ordered to pay $350,000 in back ...

Trucker indicted for role in deadly smuggling operation, will not face death penalty

If convicted, Bradley faces life in prison on the conspiracy and transportation resulting in death charges; 20 years for the conspiracy and transportation resulting in serious bodily injury charges; and ...

Crime report: Fleet owners indicted for evading shutdown order, former DOT employee convicted of bank fraud, more

Action in four trucking-related crimes has recently been reported by the Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General and, including bank fraud, bribery, shutdown order evasion and unpaid tolls.

Crime report: Med examiners involved in fraud, trucking co. owner sentenced for broker fraud, trucker sentenced for homicide, more

A Missouri medical clinic owner was sentenced for issuing false medical exams to truckers, one trucker was sentenced for drug trafficking, while another was arrested for drug trafficking, and more.

Cargo theft likely to increase over Labor Day weekend

To combat theft over the extended weekend, the firm recommends that truckers and trucking companies confirm with receivers their hours of operation to cut down on unsecured parking times.

Medical examiner busted for issuing bogus certs, 600 drivers need new medical cards

More than 600 truck operators have been told they need to renew their DOT medical certifications after the arrest of a Georgia-based medical examiner. Tonya Yawn-Lewis of Helena, Ga., was ...

Second quarter sees decline in cargo thefts, SensiGuard reports

Broken down by state, California had the most cargo theft incidents during the quarter, accounting for 29 percent of the nation’s thefts. This is a 28 percent decline from the ...

Crime report: Arizona DOT seizes $29k from trucker, former N.Y. medical examiner sentenced

The Arizona DOT seized $29,000 that was found in a small cooler inside a truck during an inspection, and a former New York doctor was sentenced for his role in ...

Knocking out fraud: Choptank Transport shares 5 strategies to protect shippers, carriers

One of the nation’s top third-party logistics firms, Choptank Transport, uses technology to secure its freight transactions and protect its business, customers and carriers.
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