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ATA looking to block implementation of Rhode Island’s trucks-only toll plan

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said the group “will exhaust every legislative, regulatory and legal avenue to defeat the implementation of the tolling portion of RhodeWorks and prevent this ...

Plan for trucks-only tolls in Rhode Island delayed into 2018

Upon receiving this feedback, the FHWA determines if impact from tolling is sufficient to merit an environmental impact statement. Longtime toll opponent Chris Maxwell, president of Rhode Island Trucking Association, ...

Trump calls for Congress to adopt his private highway plan

Notably for trucking, Trump’s plan also calls for a repeal of the tolling ban on existing Interstate lanes and privatizing rest areas.

Trucking groups question Trump’s push for highway privatization

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for the 2018 fiscal year has drawn tepid reactions from some trucking groups, particularly over his call for allowing greater tolling efforts on U.S. Interstates.

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Georgia plans to reopen I-85 by Monday

Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry said in the press conference the northbound bridge could open as soon as Saturday and the southbound bridge on Sunday, weather permitting.

R.I. official: First of state’s trucks-only tolls to be operational by December

A contractor for the state will begin building and installing the toll gantries on the northbound and southbound sides of I-95 near Hopkinton and Richmond, as well as near Exeter. ...

Georgia eyes June 15 for I-85 reopening

In a press conference Tuesday morning, GDOT officials said they plan to have the section of interstate that collapsed following a fire reopened by June 15, approximately 10 weeks from ...

DOT issues $10M in emergency funds to repair collapsed I-85 overpass

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued $10 million in emergency funds to the state of Georgia to help initiate repairs on the section of Interstate 85 that collapsed Thursday ...

ATRI survey seeks driver input on infrastructure funding, driver shortage, safety

Questions in the survey about infrastructure funding touch on traffic congestion and how the U.S. should fund transportation infrastructure, and the driver shortage questions ask drivers why they chose trucking ...

Trump cuts $2.4 billion from DOT funding in budget plan

Trump’s budget “blueprint,” which details only discretionary funding proposals, requests $16.2 billion for the DOT’s discretionary budget.

Trump plan for private highway funding limited in its ability to fix U.S.’ ailing infrastructure

How much can private money fill the highway funding void? Not as much as Trump and other advocates for privatization might hope. But if the president's hopes for greater private ...

Arizona installs pavement sensors on I-40 for identifying icy road conditions

ADOT installed the sensors in three locations along I-40 west of Flagstaff, which will help the agency forecast the likelihood of ice forming on the interstate. The agency says the ...

Report classifies nearly 56,000 U.S. bridges ‘structurally deficient’

The average age of the nearly 56,000 structurally deficient bridges, according to ARTBA, is 67 years old, compared to just 39 years old for non-deficient bridges. Additionally, 41 percent of ...
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