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Seven important autonomous miles

Such a platform doesn’t make a lot of sense if a person is required to be inside the truck.

Pilot Flying J’s five-year legal snare over fuel rebate scam sunsets

Though a loose end or two still remains, Pilot Flying J is poised to move out from the shadows of the saga that has plagued it for a half decade.

Amazon’s foray into transport more about efficiency than rivalry

Amazon’s goal of becoming a logistics and transportation behemoth may be the worst kept secret in trucking.

Fleets retooling to meet the expectations of e-commerce

Transportation companies of all types are impacted by e-commerce, whether or not their operations directly intersect the hot business-to-consumer (B2C) market.

Super Bowl courtesy of Super Truckers

Americans will consume more than 100 truckloads of popcorn, 350 truckloads of potato chips, 668 truckloads of avocados, 1,562 truckloads of chicken wings and over 36,166 truckloads of beer on ...

All signs point to a healthy 2018, but threats remain

If freight trends in 2018 continue where they left off in 2017, the trucking industry should be in for a great year, allowing carriers to give drivers long-overdue pay raises, ...

Trucking has become technology’s cool hangout spot

E-commerce. Vehicle automation. Uber. Electric trucks. At one time or another, each one has been crowned trucking’s great “disruptor,” a word so frequently thrown around to describe an innovation that ...

Test drives: a year in review

In 2017, I logged 62,781 air miles en route to trucking events across the U.S., Canada and Mexico and many of those miles were ticked en route to test drives – ...

ASE reaching out to public schools to reach potential diesel tech recruits

Medium and heavy-duty vehicles are steadily becoming more computer-driven and technologically advanced, yet code writing is winning strong in the classrooms.

Should we call it Trucksgiving?

Recent analysis conducted by the Minnesota Trucking Association shows it takes more than 83,000 truckloads to haul Thanksgiving into your home. 

Searching for Tesla’s place in trucking from behind the wheel of the Model S

Tesla's Model S looks like a car and acts like a car but its processes are on a different level.

No magic bullet for trailer aerodynamics

We’ll eventually run out of things to hang on a trailer, right?

Trucking in aerospace: fleets look beyond compliance to increase safety

The trucking industry has made big strides in safety but the trends are now moving in the wrong direction. At least one company, Fleetworthy, has a strategy to reverse that ...