Alkane Truck Company plans launch of LPG Class 7 & 8 cabovers

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Updated Jan 14, 2016

alkane_class8Myrtle Beach, S.C.-based Alkane Truck Company said Wednesday it plans to build a liquid propane autogas (LPG) powered Class 8 cabover for long-haul trucking.

“LPG makes the most sense because the distribution is already in place and growing annually,” says Alkane CEO Bob Smith. “We’ve been able to get good torque from the LPG powered engines, and we think it’s a perfect fit for the Class 8.”

Alkane’s Class 7 cabover is expected to go into production this year.Alkane’s Class 7 cabover is expected to go into production this year.

“LPG is readily available right here in America, and lessens our dependence on foreign oil,” adds Stephen Rayborn, Alkane’s vice president of global sales. “It burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline, providing a healthier environment, and our engineers have been able to create the power and torque the truckers need.”

The company’s Class 7 unit, which received Department of Transportation (DOT) certification late last year, features a Power Solutions International-engineered 8.8-liter V8 engine with 270hp and 575 of torque.

The company expects to begin production of the Class 7 units later this year, while Class 8 trucks are expected to be available for dealer order by the end of 2018, pending DOT approval.

Both trucks will be assembled in Alkane’s South Carolina assembly plant.

Jason Cannon has written about trucking and transportation for more than a decade and serves as Chief Editor of Commercial Carrier Journal. A Class A CDL holder, Jason is a graduate of the Porsche Sport Driving School, an honorary Duckmaster at The Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee, and a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Reach him at [email protected]