New Peterbilt 589 hits orders, deliveries milestones

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Trucking news and briefs for Thursday, June 20, 2024:

New Peterbilt 589 hits orders, deliveries milestones

Peterbilt 589 delivered to Mike Lowrie TruckingMike Lowrie, owner of Dixon, California-based Mike Lowrie Trucking, recently took delivery of the 1,000th Peterbilt 589.Peterbilt

Peterbilt announced Tuesday it has received more than 5,000 orders for its Model 589, highlighting the widespread acceptance and enthusiasm for the new model from both drivers and fleets.

Peterbilt also recently celebrated the delivery of the 1,000th Model 589 to long-standing and valued customer, Mike Lowrie Trucking based in Dixon, California.

“As the proud recipient of Peterbilt's 1,000th Model 589, I am reminded of the legacy that my family has shared with Peterbilt,” said Mike Lowrie, president of Mike Lowrie Trucking. “From humble beginnings in 1947 with my dad’s first used Peterbilt, to us purchasing our new Peterbilts together in 1978, to now operating nearly 250 Peterbilt trucks, they have been more than a truck manufacturer; they've been a partner in our success. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and we’ve ordered the most reliable and most striking trucks on the road. The Model 589 embodies everything we appreciate about Peterbilt, and we're honored to add them into our fleet.” 

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Exterior features of the 589 include bold 15-inch air cleaners, 7-inch stacks and exhaust shield, and Peterbilt’s exterior lighting package including LED daytime running lights for a stunning front-end look, Peterbilt said. Inside, creature comforts such as high-performance automatic climate control, abundant storage space and larger dual cup holders create an inviting driver environment, the company adds.

The 589’s iconic styling also is supported by innovative technologies, including an air-assisted hydraulic clutch on manual transmissions, which Peterbilt said reduces driver fatigue and maintenance, and the latest collision mitigation and advanced driver technologies for improved safety. 

The versatile 589 is available as a day cab and multiple sleeper options including the 44-inch low roof, 58-inch UltraLow, low and high roof, 72-inch low and high roof, and 80-inch high roof configurations.

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Also available is the exclusive Legendary Package featuring Peterbilt’s 1939 vintage script logo and spears that adorn the hood, coupled with exclusive bright work on the polished fenders and bright rockers. Rich leather-grain seats with the vintage logo in the headrest and unique stitching add a touch of luxury inside the cab.

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J.J. Keller now offering Canada-specific fleet and driver training

Canadian and U.S.-based trucking companies with operations in Canada can now take advantage of two new “Safe & Smart” training programs from J. J. Keller & Associates, which provide driver and trainer training that meets Canada’s provincial/territorial and federal National Safety Code (NSC) standards.

“Fleets are looking for training that takes drivers beyond the baseline standards of Canada’s Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT),” said Dustin Kufahl, vice president of consulting and training services. “Our Canada Driver Training Program provides them with the in-depth finishing training that enhances drivers’ safety skills, so they’ll be better equipped to prevent accidents and violations.”

J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart Canada Driver Training Program includes online courses, classroom instruction, closed-course range experience and on-the-road training. According to Kufahl, the program is delivered by veteran trainers who are Canadian regulatory experts and able to speak in both English and Canadian French, allowing them to train in all provinces and territories, including Quebec.

“What makes our training so unique is that it’s tailored for the specific needs of each fleet,” added Kufahl. “That means not only can we provide training that’s specific to Canada, we can also provide training that takes into account the types of vehicles drivers use, the types of customers they serve, the cargo they haul, the environment they drive in and more.”

For fleets that want internal staff trained to deliver the program to their drivers, J. J. Keller is also offering the Safe & Smart Canada Driver Trainer Certification Program, providing instruction on all of the driver training lessons, how to deliver that training effectively in the classroom and behind the wheel, as well as the training materials, including workbooks, online courses, PowerPoint presentations and more. As part of the program, J. J. Keller’s experts are available year-round for training and regulatory guidance.

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Drivewyze expands to Manitoba

The Drivewyze weigh station bypass network is now offering the PreClear weigh station bypass service throughout Manitoba, Canada.  

A new partnership with the Manitoba Department of Transportation and Infrastructure brought about the expansion of the service, which will be bundled with bypass services offered in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador,

Drivewyze also offers bypass services for the Province of Alberta and across the U.S. Drivewyze PreClear is currently available in 48 states and provinces at more than 900 locations. 

The Manitoba service will be operated by the Transportation Operations Division Motor Carrier Enforcement. It allows subscribed trucks with Canadian or U.S. plates to have bypass opportunities at eight locations throughout the province, including: 

  • West Hawk Lake Hwy-1, Eastbound and Westbound
  • Emerson Hwy-75, Northbound and Southbouond
  • Carroll Hwy-2, EB and WB
  • Headingley Hwy-1, EB and WB 

“We’re partnering with Canadian provinces to expand bypass programs across Canada with Manitoba representing a key geography for the trucking community,” said Brian Mofford, Drivewyze’s VP of Government Experience. “As an added value, we’ve bundled the service for those who have subscriptions for bypass in Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador. We hope to bring more provinces on board soon to fulfill our goal of having complete coverage in Canada.”

According to Mofford, with four bypass locations along the Trans-Canada Highway -- which covers 490 kilometers through Manitoba -- truck drivers have more road time and less downtime. “Freight efficiency is a key measure for all trucking companies and weigh station bypass can shave off valuable minutes or even hours in some cases.” 

Mofford said the bypass sites represent the busiest areas for truck traffic, especially the Headingley Highway 1 east and westbound “This is just west of Winnipeg and it’s by far the busiest of the four scale locations,” he said. “The Emerson Highway 75 location is important, too, as it’s the port of entry from the U.S. heading north in Manitoba, with southbound travel going into North Dakota and Minnesota.”