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Trump orders agencies to freeze new regulations, ELD mandate likely shielded

President Trump’s order to freeze new regulations likely won’t affect existing — though fresh — trucking regulations, such as the electronic logging device mandate.

President Trump issued Friday an order to executive agencies directing them to freeze all new regulations pending further review by Trump and his team. It’s unclear, however, whether this rule will affect any coming trucking regulations, especially since the administration’s memo, circulated by Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, allows for regulations related to “health, safety, financial or national security matters” to continue.

A spokesperson for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said the impact of Priebus’ memo on pending regulations by the agency is “being assessed.”

The agency’s most recent report on coming regulations, issued in December, showed no new regulations on its calendar, following a dash at the end of former President Obama’s presidency to publish new rules.

Lane Kidd, director for the Trucking Alliance, said such memos are standard procedures for new presidential administrations. Kidd says barring further action, the rule to mandate electronic logging devices does not fall under the order, as it’s already law and is backed by a Congressional mandate. Also safe are the recently published rules to establish a CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and a rule to set national driver training standards, says Kidd.

Trucking regulatory reforms sought under Trump: 'We're going to find out if Republicans can deliver'

Trucking regulatory reforms sought under Trump: ‘We’re going to find out if Republicans can deliver’

While the federal government’s electronic logging device mandate is likely shielded from interference from President-elect Donald Trump, Republican control in Washington gives the industry hope ...

Editor’s note: The Entry-Level Driver Training Standards rule could be covered by Trump’s memo, as it has been published is not yet effective — a category specifically spelled out in Priebus’ memo.


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